Ball games and team sports

With our ball game shifts, you can play casually with good company. You can play ball games in shifts open to everyone, as well as in regular shifts of your own subject society or other reference group. You can participate in shifts if you have paid the UniMove sports fee. Booking is required for all team sports shifts. You can read more about our booking policy.

There are two levels of open ball game shifts: easy level and advanced level. By trying out you will find the right level for you.

Easy level shifts are for casual playing. Beginning players as well as those with a bit more experience can join in. The instructors ensure that the level of the games remains sufficiently easy.

Advanced level shifts are for you, if you’ve been practicing the sport for longer. Players manage the session autonomously as they choose teams, start games, see that the games finish on time and return the equipment.

​​​​The regular shifts are the students 'and staff groups' own, weekly exercise shifts. Check out the rules for using regular shifts.