Sports facilities

UniMove organizes sports services both in Linnanmaa and in Oulu city center area. Below you will find a summary of the addresses and directions of the sports venues we use.


ONK 1-6

(Oulu Teacher Training School 1-6 Linnanmaa / Yliopistokatu 48, 90570 Oulu)

Access to the locker rooms and gym is through the door on the right as seen from Yliopistokatu.​​​​​​

ONK 7-9​​​​​​​

(Oulu Teacher Training School 7-9 Linnanmaa / Kaitoväylä 7, 90570 Oulu)

Entrance through door C1 (on the right side of the picture). Kaitoväylä runs on the left side of the picture. Access to the gym is through the changing rooms, which are located on the left side of the corridor.


(Yliopistokatu 9, 90570 Oulu)

UniMove's classes take place in dance hall 2. Access to the dressing rooms and dance hall is from the Kaitoväylä side of the building through the door C7. You can also locate dance hall 2 using the Campus Navigator application.


​​​​​​​(Tutkijantie 8, 90570 Oulu)

Easymove Linnanmaa is located approx. 500 meters from the Linnanmaa campus. There are good signs for the entrance from Tutkijantie.


​​​​​​​(Kauppalinnankatu 6, 90570 Oulu)

Linnanmaa ice hall is located near Prisma store at the end of Kauppalinnankatu. It is a practice ice hall with two hockey rinks.

Oulu city center area


(Tyrnäväntie 16, 90400 Oulu)

Liikuntakeskus Voitto is located in Limingantulli, opposite Prisma. The passage is from the red entrance in the middle of the picture.


(Vellamontie 9, 90510 Oulu)

The floorball courts are located in the building in the background of the picture.


(Ouluhallintie 20, 90130 Oulu)

UniMove's classes are held in the dance hall. The dance hall is accessed through the access gate near the customer service point. The dressing rooms can be found on the 1st floor and the dance hall on the 2nd floor. If necessary, ask for help from the service desk.


(Pikkukankaantie 3, 90130 Oulu)

The sports hall is located on the 2nd floor of the swimming hall. The boxing hall is located on the lowest floor. The swimming pool's customer service desk will advise if necessary.


(Sairaalanrinne 5, 90220 Oulu)

Entrance from the side of Sairaalanrinne (also the library side). Shifts are in hall C. In the lobby is the service center, ask for help from the office manager if needed.