Sports courses and trials

UniMove offers you affordable sport courses, trials and workshops all year round. ​​​​​​​

Spring 2024 sports trials and workshops

Trials and workshops are individual classes where you can try out new forms of exercise or get tips for your own exercise. These are only for UniMove members. Some of the trials have a participation fee, others are free of charge. For free trials and workshops you can register via the calendar, for paid trials you can register via UniMove's online store. The trials and workshops are offered in cooperation with our partners and local sports clubs. Clicking on the course name will take you to more information and a page where you can register.

Hokutoryu ju-jutsu trial

On Tuesday 16.1. at 18-19.15

Workshop: Posture

On Monday 29.1. at 19.20-20.20

Workshop: Hip

On Monday 12.2. at 19.20-20.20

Guided climbing

On Thursday 15.2. at 16-17.30

Circus trial

On Tuesday 20.2. at 18.30-20

Workshop: Low back & core

On Monday 26.2. at 19.20-20.20

Guided climbing

On Thursday 14.3. at 16-17.30

Spring 2024 courses

During the courses you get to familiarize yourself to new sports and their technique. The courses are carried out with our partners and local sports clubs. Some of the courses are open to all university students and staff, but as a member of UniMove you get a discount on the course fee. Some of the courses are only for UniMove members and in that case they are visible in UniMove's online store only for members. Clicking on the course name will take you to more information and a page where you can register.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Swimming technique A FULL!

On Tuesdays 9.1-27.2. at 20-21

Ultimate course

On Mondays 15.-29.1. at 18.45-20

Gym start I

On Thursdays 25.1. and 1.2. at 16-17

Latin dance

On Thursdays 25.1.-21.3. at 19-20 (not 7.3.)

Dancehall basics

On Fridays 26.1.-1.3. at 15-16.30

Fitness boxing basic course

On Mondays 29.1.-26.2. at 20.30-21.30

Pole dance beginners' course

On Thursdays 1.2.-29.2. at 15.10-16.10

Gym start II

On Wednesdays 7. and 14.2. at 19-20

COMING Fencing

On Wednesdays 7.-28.2. at 20.30-21.45

Aerial yoga beginners' course

On Mondays 11.3.-15.4. at 15.20-16.20

Swimming technique B FULL!

On Tuesdays 12.3 - 23.4. at 20-21

Hip hop basics

On Fridays 15.3. at 15-16.30

Badminton beginners' course

On Wednesdays 3.4-17.4. at 20-21.30

Carnival samba

On Thursdays 4.-25.4. at 19-20

Running school, beginners

On Wednesdays 17.4.-15.5. at 17-18

Running school, advanced

On Wednesday 17.4.-15.5. at 18-19

Sports course info

How to enroll?
Instructions for registration are given in the course description. The participants of the course are selected in enrolment order. The maximum number of participants can be found in every course description.

How to pay the course fee?
Course fee is charged to cover part of the expenses for organizing the course. The payment information is given in the course description.

What if I can't participate?
Course registration is binding. We don't refund the course fee.

What if UniMove cancels the course?
Courses will be cancelled if there are not enough participants enrolled. Every course has its minimum participant number. If the course is cancelled by the organizer, the already paid course fees are refunded to you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​