What is UniMove?

UniMove offers sport services for students and staff of universities in Oulu. Our goal is an active and healthy university community.

Do you need a gentle movement that cares for your body to counterbalance your study and work, or perhaps a workout that makes your heart rate rise and sweat flow? Do you like ball games but have not found any team mates? UniMove offers sports services to university students and staff in Oulu. In our sports offer, you will find a diverse selection of different forms of sports, which we recommend you to try. Whether you are just starting out or already an experienced sports enthusiast, you are warmly welcome to join us!

Does it often feel like the hardest moment in exercise is leaving home? We aim to lower the threshold by organizing our sports services close to campuses in both Linnanmaa and the Oulu city center area. Our schedule is built so that if you want, you can stay exercising right after the study day, thus avoiding the temptation of a home couch. If you want to exercise later in the evening, there are options for that too. If, on the other hand, you like to exercise alone without schedules, you can get good discounts on swimming pools and gyms, for example.

​​​​​​​UniMove's sports fee is affordable so that money doesn't hinder you being physically active. After paying the sports fee you can use our services as you like. We also welcome feedback and suggestions for improving our services so that they meet the needs of our university community. You can also meet UniMove's staff on campuses at various events. Our goal is an active and healthy university community, for whom physical activity is a natural part of both study and work days and leisure time!