The first InBody measurement of the year on 11.1.!

Monthly InBody measurements will continue in spring 2024. The measurement is free of charge and only for UniMove members (proof of membership is required before the measurement, a free trial week is not sufficient).

Tentative schedule of measurements (subject to change):

  • Thu 11.1. at 8-14 (OAMK 2nd floor, next to the Sluuppi shop)
  • Thu 8.2. at 8-14 (orange coat racks)
  • Thu 14.3. at 8-14 (orange coat racks)
  • Thu 11.4. at 8-14 (orange coat racks)
  • Thu 16.5. at 8-14 (orange coat racks)

You can come for the measurement at a time that suits you, no pre-registration. Note! Measurements end at 2pm, so don't show up at the last minute!

When choosing the measurement dates that suit you, please note that the appropriate measurement interval for monitoring changes in the body is about 4-6 months.


In InBody measurement, a very small electrical current is conducted through the body from the hand and foot electrodes. Body tissues and fluids have an effect on the flow of electrical current and this can be used to analyze the composition of the body. The measurement is done by standing with bare feet in the InBody device. The measurement takes about a minute and you will receive a result report with interpretation instructions.

How to prepare for a measurement: Avoid meals and heavy drinking for at least 2 hours and alcohol for 12 hours before measurement. Avoid strenuous physical exertion before measurement. Visit the toilet before the measurement. In women, menstruation may affect the reliability of the test due to fluid retention.

The measurement can`t be performed if you have a limb prosthesis, pacemaker, or other medical device implanted in your body or if you are pregnant or ill.