CrossFit Oulu (only for students)

NOTE! This benefit only applies to UniMove student members. UniMove members who are staff are not entitled to this benefit.

CrossFit Oulu is located in Oulu's Limingantulli. CrossFit is versatile functional training that develops the human body's natural ability to move and physical fitness in every part of it. In the beginning, plenty of time is spent learning the right techniques, the coaches help and advise you on On Ramp course and during the day's training. In addition to being an effective training method, CrossFit is also a community.


Monthly membership valid for the time being

  • 78 € / month (norm. 100 € / month)

Temporary 12-month membership

  • 75 € / month (norm. 85 € / month)​​​​​​​

How to join?

You can start training at the CrossFit Oulu gym after completing the On Ramp beginner course. The price of the course against a student card is €180 (norm. €199). The course teaches the basics of CrossFit training under the guidance of professional and experienced coaches. Upcoming beginner courses and registration can be found here: If you already have a background in CrossFit training, you can contact us directly regarding membership matters by emailing

CrossFit Oulu website (in finnish)