Other sports

Oulun yliopiston urheiluseura (OYUS) organizes competitive and hobby activities in beach volleyball, judo, ice hockey, volleyball and floorball. More information about the club's activities https://www.oyus.fi/.

OYY's well-being tutoring is peer tutoring open to all students of the University of Oulu, where students guide and help each other.

Sports equipment loan
OSAKO and OYY lend sports equipment for different sports.

​​​​​​​YTHS's physiotherapist can help you with musculoskeletal symptoms, such as musculoskeletal pain (involving muscles, joints and the spine) as well as with problems related to mobility and the ability to function. The physiotherapist will perform a clinical examination and may also examine and assess your posture, and guide and instruct you in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and/or symptoms. The physiotherapist can also plan an individual training programme to support your rehabilitation.