Ouluseutu Sports Academy

Oulu University of Applied Sciences and University of Oulu are both part of Ouluseutu Sports Academy (OSUA), a collaboration network that helps combine studying and a sports careers. The Sports Academy provides support services and the possibility to participate in morning training sessions where a trainer is present. The Sports Academy is meant for students who compete at or who aim towards Finnish Championship level in their age group.

Services for students

Through the Sports Academy the athlete is given the possibility to participate in morning training sessions on weekdays. Moreover, members of the Sports Academy can use the city of Oulu sports facilities free of charge and are able to use the health and testing services of collaborators for affordable prices. The athletes are provided support with their studies with the help of personal study plans and flexible teaching arrangements.


The application process for students of Oulu UAS and the University of Oulu is as follows:

  1. The athlete applies to the Oulu UAS or the University of Oulu as usual.
  2. After the student has been accepted to the school and s/he has informed the school that s/he will be attending the school, the student can apply to the Academy of Sport.
  3. The student must fill out the application form, which can be found at the Oulu Region Academy of Sport web site.
  4. The application is processed in the academy collaboration meeting and the athlete will be informed about the decision personally.