Enrollment and cancellation

Enrollment is required for all classes and shifts in the calendar. It can be easily done either with UniMove App or logging in to UniMove websites.


Enrollment opens 7 days before the start of the class / shift. You must be a UniMove customer to enroll to a class / shift.

  1. Log in with your university authentication (Haka code).

  1. Open sports calendar tab from the app or websites.

  2. Choose the right class and press the green "Enroll to event" button. After enrollment, button will show up in red and you'll find a "cancel" button.

  3. If the enrollment button is grey, your card is not active/valid and you don't have a right to participate.

  1. If the "class box" is red, the class is full or it is cancelled.

Your own enrollments show up in light green. You can have up to 8 hourly bookings at a time.

Confirmation of enrollment

You must confirm your enrollment before the start of the class / shift. You have 90 minutes to confirm your enrollment before the class / shift. Confirmation can be done via the mobile application or website. The enrollment button changes to a confirmation button​​​​​​​.


If you need to cancel your enrollment, please do that at latest 3 hours before the class begins, to release your spot for someone else! enrollment must always be canceled if you are unable to participate!

Sanction policy

We monitor participation / non-participation in classes. To improve our services, we are tracking the enrollments and the amount of participants attending the classes. The customer is automatically banned from enrollment for a week, if during the academic year it is found that he has not confirmed the classes / shifts he has booked and has not canceled them either. The enrollment ban follows a total of five (5) unconfirmed / uncancelled classes.