The popular workshops are back!

The workshops focus on developing the mobility of different parts of the body and strengthening the muscles. The instructor of the workshops is massager and personal trainer Antti Flyktman. The place is Oulu Teacher Training school (ONK1-6).

Mon 9.10. at 19.20-20.20 Posture
If you feel that you have bad posture or problems in the neck and shoulder area, this workshop is just for you. The class focuses on developing the mobility of the upper back area and the muscles that maintain the posture. Movements are performed with your own body weight, with a level suitable for everyone.

Coming this autumn:

Mon 30.10. at 19.20-20.20 Hip

Mon 6.11. at 19.20.-20.20 Low back & core

Mon 20.11. at 19.20.-20.20 Ankle & balance

​​​​​​​You can find more information about the content of each workshop in the class description in the calendar. Registration for the workshop is possible through the calendar a week before the class at the earliest.